22 Hi-Res Rainbow Prism Background Wallpaper Images Free Download

22 Free High Resolution Rainbow Prism Images For Personal or Commercial Use

Rainbows are created by light that has passed through a refractive substance which disburses it into many colors. The substance can be glass, plastic, crystal, or similar. The light bends as it passes through the prism causing the colors to spread out and create a rainbow effect.

The prism colors can bring about a deep sense of joy and focus in your atmosphere. Therefore, downloading and using these images could up your happiness levels.

A beautiful and mysterious phenomenon has been captured in these high resolution images.

All 22 rainbow prism wallpaper images are free for unlimited personal and commercial use. The pictures are high resolution backgrounds that can be easily turned into wallpapers, backdrops, and more. Feel free to incorporate them into your personal and commercial projects.

Download by clicking the images one by one and save only the ones you like or you can download all 22 images at once via .zip file here.

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The style has also been integrated into a Chrome Theme. You can download and install the Rainbow Prism Chrome Theme here.

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