Singular Sound Introduces Music Cable Management That’s Totally Cute

Singular Sound Created a Solution to Cables Gone Awry

Singular Sound has created a product that solves an issue near and dear to every musicians heart- cable management. Handymen and contractors have cable management. So do computer people. It’s about time we related what we know about managing cables and give musicians a break too.

Singular Sound is known for their innovative BeatBuddy drummer pedals but it looks like now they will also be known for revolutionizing music cables too.

How Much Will Cabli Cost?

The Cabli holds up to 30′ of cable and it’s going to be on sale during Black Friday for just $16.97.

Singular Sound isn’t just dropping one product during Black Friday.

The inventive company is also releasing a limited edition run of their Footswitch+ dual momentary footswitch. The Limited Edition Footswitch+ Deluxe California Shag will be available in a fine selection of colors. Make sure you get yours from 4:00 p.m. EST Thursday until midnight on Friday because otherwise it won’t be available. Each unit will be hand signed and numbered by Singular Sound’s founder, David Packouz.

How Much Will The Footswitch+ Deluxe California Shag Cost?

The Footswitch+ Deluxe California Shag will be available for purchase for $75. You can also get it as a freebie if you buy a BeatBuddy, Premium Library SD Card, or gift card with a value over $200.