Sonos One’s Alexa Speaker New Rainbow Colors Are A Natural Wonder

The New Sonos One Bluetooth Alexa Speaker Colors

Sonos announced a collaboration with Danish design brand Hay to create a handful of new colors for their voice controlled smart speakers. The new colors are absolutely beautiful and we want them all! They now come in forest green, pale yellow, soft pink, vibrant red, and light gray.

You will want to own all of them too! The pale yellow Sonos speaker would look absolutely lovely in a french kitchen. The forest green would bring some delicious earthiness to a steely office. I want a soft pink one for my feminine bedroom. The light gray one will go ever so well in my photography studio.

These speaker colors remind me of my 80s child years when we were all going mad over the Sony mint and pink radios.

The new colors have been released since November 5th and are available in the Sonos stores and at the Hay House in Copenhagen.

Where to Buy the Sonos One and Sonos Beam

If you’d like a black one, the timeless classic, the dark horse, the stealth machine, get one here. It’s the perfect match for any room.

Don’t forget to check out Sonos’ new sound bar, the Sonos Beam. It basically looks like a giant dipping stick for rainbow candy powder but it sounds a whole lot better.


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